Interlaken Alliance Members

Below is a subset of the Alliance members who has chosen to publish Interlaken product and contact information.

Member Company Interlaken Products Contact
Speedster 22i FPGA with Hard Interlaken IP core
Network Processor and Traffic Management Solutions
Switch Fabric and Traffic Manager Devices
Embedded Multicore MIPS64 Processors for networking, wireless and storage applications
Tasha Castaneda
Sr. Ecosystem Alliance Manager
NP-4 Network Processor – 100G NPU with TM
CS1999 – 40Gb/s OC768/STM256 Framer
CS3477 – Quad 10G Ethernet MAC with SFP+
CS3472 – 24 Port Gigabit Ethernet MAC
CS605x – 40G and 100G Optical Transport Processors
Intel® FPGA Interlaken IP
Solution includes MAC, PCS and PMA layers
Bandwidth: 25G to 300G
Device Support: Stratix 10, Arria 10, Stratix V, Arria V and Stratix IV
Next generation packet header processing solutions
Interlaken FPGAs
IL256: 20Gbps to 70/200Gbps Interlaken IP Core for ASIC and Altera FPGA
XLIL408: Programmable Quad 10Geth / 40Geth Bridge with IEEE1588 support
PM5990 DIGI-G4 Multi-service OTN Processor for 200G / 400G line cards
PM5992 META-240G 24x10G / 6x40G / 2x100G OTN Wrapper and Ethernet PHY
PM5420 HyPHY 20G High-Capacity Single-Chip Multi-Rate Multi-Protocol PHY
PM5422 META 20G Dual Port Single-Chip PHY with Integrated OTN/10GE
PM5450 HyPHY 20Gflex High-Capacity Single-Chip Multi-Rate Multi-Protocol PHY with Flexible ODUk Support
PM5440 DIGI 120G High-Capacity 12x10G / 3x40G / 100G Multi-Service OTN Processor
PM5441 DIGI 60G High-Capacity 6x10G / 1x40G Multi-Service OTN Processor
PM5442 META 120G High-Capacity 12x10G / 3x40G / 100G OTN Wrapper and Ethernet PHY
NFP-3200 family of network flow processors
sifive logoInterlaken IP Core supporting up to 1.2 Tbps
Hard and Soft Interlaken IP cores for FPGAs.
Supported FPGAs include: UltraScale+, UltraScale and 7-series.
Interface bandwidth: 5G to 600G